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Return of the Ork Project

Posted: November 2, 2015 in 40k
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I’m sorry – I’ve been neglecting the blog for too long. I’m back, starting with some more 40k…

The ork project has changed character a bit since I started working on the Bommer. Near the end of the summer an old friend of mine mentioned that he had been looking at getting back into 40k. I approached this with some trepidation, which means that I was like “well I have all these models still lying around so I guess I could get in on that without a whole lot of investment”. I am told this is referred to as “enabling”, which kinda seems like BS but whatever…

So yeah, a couple of friends and I have been working away at 40k again, which I don’t think I’ve really done since high school. The key thing for me here is that we’re not looking at the current edition for rules – the plan is to go back to 4th Edition, which was we last played before we all put the game down. I think there’s still a lot of interesting game space there that we never explored, and while there are some really neat rules added in later editions (such as overwatch before assaults, running, and expansion of psychic powers) they also started tacking on more and more stuff that I really don’t want to deal with. The game has continued to scale up (literally) with all sorts of flyers, giant robots and ridiculous detachment rules that hand out bonuses for free, on top of a system that now seems to think that “randomize EVERYTHING” is the best way to go.

Primarily, the last thing I want is back on the Games Workshop treadmill – the structure of the rules and years of over-the-top price increases make that even less sustainable than it was back in the day. But to be honest, I have missed 40k. It was one of the big entry points to this hobby (and industry) for me and something that we had a lot of fun with back in the day, so I hope we can capture a little bit of the magic I remember while still dodging the thousand-ton merch monster that is GW.

Anyway, back to orks. As I mentioned, thanks to my earlier collecting of bits and pieces of an ork army just because I thought they looked cool, I already owned much of what I’d need to build a playable force. The Bommer looks really cool but I never wanted or intended to use it in a game, so I’ve put it on hold while I start work on the more practical elements.

My first Ork conversion, nearly finished.

Converted trukk, nearly finished.

I am really happy with how this came out.

I am really happy with how this came out.

My planned collection will be largely mechanized, since Speed Freeks are basically Mad Max with giant angry green guys (awesome) and it helps keep the sheer number of boys I have to paint a bit more manageable. As you can see above, I’m still working on construction of most of the vehicles, but I’ve already got a start on some of da boyz:

I may change the colors on the bases slightly - so far these are the first boyz "finished"

I may change the colors on the bases slightly – so far these are the first boyz “finished”

The paint scheme seems to be working well so far and I think I’ve struck a decent balance between level of detail and simplicity for the sake of getting stuff done. We’ll see how that holds up against the horde of models I have to paint, especially considering that one of my buddies in on this 40k plan is doing Deathwing and is already halfway done his army…

The first batch of Nobs - this is the first time using Citadel's amusingly named blood effect paint - I quite like it

The first batch of Nobs – I hadn’t tried Citadel’s amusingly named blood effect paint before. I’m quite impressed with the result!

I’ll have some more information about my painting plan and color scheme in an upcoming post. I’m quite pleased with the results so far and I’m looking ahead to figure out the best way to adapt it to the vehicles I’ve been building.

The horde so far - the painting is all done, now for the bases...

The horde so far. The paint on these is done, now for the bases…

More details on casting and new building designs are in the pipeline too – thanks for reading and thanks for sticking with me!



Painting Projects: Back on Track

Posted: April 30, 2015 in 40k, News
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Unsurprisingly, the last year has been a bit of a roller coaster. While casting and Kickstarter definitely took up lots of my time, the biggest factor has been returning to school. I had honestly forgotten how much raw time and effort it ate up, and as a consequence I haven’t had time to pick up a paintbrush in months. But no more!

With the Wasteland Game Studio webstore now online, this blog will be moving back towards its original purpose – featuring more articles and photos of some of my painting projects (stuff about buildings and casting projects will still show up, but important announcements will be made on the new store front page for maximum visibility).

So here’s a work-in-progress look at one of my new projects I’m working on this summer…

I haven’t played 40k in forever but I’ve always liked the aesthetic of Ork models, especially their ramshackle vehicles. It’s like Mad Max with giant angry green guys! Last year I started gathering up stuff from the range that I really liked the look of, just to paint for fun. I was able to get some good deals through trades and by splitting up some of the “collection” boxed sets that Games Workshop has done (which are a remarkably good deal, coming from them…) and when I stopped to take stock I realized I had almost an entire army lying around. I don’t expect to ever use them on the tabletop, but I’m excited to see them all painted up in my display cabinet.


The bommer here was one of the first pieces I picked up, and it’s a really nice kit. Well-designed, goes together well and lots of options and Orky charm. I painted most of the pilot a while ago, but all the rest of the work has been done in the last week.

I wanted to use red as my main color, but I’m not sure I like the look of the usual bright, strong red with the green Ork skin. I settled on a dark, rusty shade with lots of brown that I think goes really well with the bashed-together Ork technology. I’m not sure if it will leave me enough contrast to make corroded areas stand out, but I can push those into a brighter orange color so I think it will work.

I started with a base of Vallejo Surface Primer in German Red Brown, applied via airbrush. Unfortunately I had some adhesion problems once I started masking so I have some chips I’ll need to go back and do something about – in the future, I’ll try using a spraycan primer as a base layer, which seems to give a more durable surface. The red areas were then covered with a deliberately patchy coat of Model Air Rust. Most of the metallic areas have been basecoated by hand using Model Air Black Metal.


The black-and-white patterns typical on Ork equipment look really good on this base color. Inspired(?) by the pain in the ass that was painting invasion stripes on my Flames of War AOP back in the day, I decided to go with a similar pattern here. I roughly trimmed the edge of the masking tape before applying it. The stripes are a lot easier to paint when it doesn’t matter if they’re straight or even!

In keeping with the worn-out aesthetic, I didn’t use pure white. Instead, Model Air White Grey was airbrushed onto the masked-off area. Once dry, I masked off each side and applied black in the center to complete the pattern.


I’m quite pleased with how the pilot and gunner turned out. The sculpts are dripping with character and I’m looking forward to working on some of the Ork foot troops.

This is the first full project I’ve used my airbrush on and so far it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been watching a bunch of painting videos on YouTube which have inspired me to try out some other new techniques on this model, such as oil-based washes. I hope you’ll stay tuned and see what results!

Thanks for reading!


Yesterday I finished construction on another building square for my Epic terrain collection. This one has a bit more bulk to it, and should help give some of the larger models something to lurk behind. Take a look at the Munitions Factory:



No, I mean it’s a Munitions Factory

I’m quite pleased with the result, but in future buildings I may try a different technique for constructing the ‘bulk’ of the structure – even with careful sanding and use of filler, keeping the pink foam blocks square and straight is almost impossible.

A shout out to Tom Friell for the spent brass. More pics to come once it’s painted up.

Thanks for reading!


My most recent project: terrain for Epic! My plan is to theme most of my terrain collection around a refinery – it should work well with my Scorched Earth Zuzzy mat and really capture the whole giant-monstrous-industry-hiveworld vibe (even though the middle of a giant refinery would actually be a really dumb place to hold a war…)


So, lots of pipes and tanks and such. I’ve been looking at lots of photos of real refineries and there’s a few elements that stand out and should be easy enough to duplicate. Even here in Canada, it looks like most such facilities are rarely fully enclosed – there’s just an open steel framework that holds together all the machinery. And of course a huge maze of pipes, which I think I will 40k up a bit and have looking a bit less organized than in reality.


I’m going to be basing everything on these 80mm x 80mm squares (or multiples thereof). It looks about the same size as the old Forge World epic buildings which I’d like to emulate a bit, and I’m planning a road grid with matching dimensions so that everything can be moved around between games.

Something I need to work on is building the structures up tall and wide enough to give the larger epic models something to hide behind. Stay tuned for more soon.

And as always, thanks for reading!