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Primaris Ultramarines

Posted: December 22, 2017 in 40k
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Were I to paint a Space Marine army, it wouldn’t be Primaris, it wouldn’t be done with in a bright-edge-highlighted style, and it wouldn’t be Ultramarines.

So here’s a Primaris Ultramarines army with bright edge highlights.

But none of this project was really up to me – this was a demo piece that I did for the store, right before the launch of 40k 8th Edition and consisting of the Space Marine half of the new Dark Imperium starter box. This wasn’t originally my project, either. It had started with one of our other staff painters, who was called away by some kind of family matter just after finishing the first unit, the Inceptors (which is why they’re not pictured here – I didn’t paint them!). This meant that the color scheme and style were already set, and I only had about a week before the release to get this finished. Hey, at least I get paid.

Truth be told, in hindsight I didn’t mind working on something in a style and palette that I wouldn’t normally use. And I don’t really have a problem with Primaris as miniatures – while I think resizing Space Marines after so many years feels like an annoying cashgrab and the background behind them is poorly written, the sculpts themselves are fine. I like the cleaner look to the armor and the more tactical-looking weapons. My only real beef is with the Inceptors – the role they’re meant to play is interesting, but the hover skates and the head-mounted jetpacks really don’t do it for me.

I’m afraid these photos are a bit less clear than usual; my apologies. They were taken in the store on our display board and I only had my tablet to take pictures with.

Captain with Gravis Armour

Captain, reverse

Primaris Lieutenants

Chapter Ancient… how ancient can he be? They only just starting making Primaris guys!

Intercessors Squad One

Intercessors Squad Two


All in all I’m fairly happy with the final result, given the tight deadline and lack of choice in the paint scheme.

Thanks for reading!