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The Ork Project: Da Big Bosses!

Posted: April 27, 2017 in 40k
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Here we have the last of the models I actually finished last year and never got around to posting. Since they’re both HQ characters, I tried to put a bit more effort and detail into them – not sure how well it shows (at least in these pictures) but I’m pretty pleased with the final result. ‘Ere we go!

Damn, I love this model. It does a fantastic job of showing off the scraptastic, ramshackle, utter madness that makes the Orks so awesome. And all at the low, low price of… $45? Seriously, GW?

I had to talk myself into spending that much on a single model (one of these days I’m sure I’ll have a fantastic rant about GW’s price structure to post), but in the end I bit the bullet. Worth it? Oh yeah. Maybe that means that Workshop won this round?

This guy has also managed to be a bit of a centerpiece of most of my games so far, too. he seems to fluctuate between a devastating murder machine or simply being gunned down at the first opportunity. Although in my last game, he managed to roll double 1’s and leave a neat hole in reality where he and a mob of grots catching bullets had stood. Oh well, more where that came from!

Of course, any warband needs somebody big and mean to run the show. So here’s my standard Warboss, ‘Oomungus Joe and his little dog, Rippy:

His attack squig normally comes attached to the rest of the figure and on the same 40mm base, but to my eye that looked way too crowded so I went and gave ‘Ol Rippy a base of his very own. I spent extra time on highlights (particularly on Rippy) and I’m quite pleased with the result.

‘Oomungus Joe usually rolls deep in Burna Boys in his finest Battlewagon, and fears no man (with the possible exception of Space Marine Librarians and their accursed Force Weapons). He might get more done if he stuck to charging the squishy stuff, but he tends to wind up in combat with a tooled-up Deathwing Command Squad, from which neither side usually walks away from in great shape. So far, in three separate games, he and Belial have managed to meet in single combat and wipe each other out simultaneously.

So that’s it for painting in 2016. Coming next time, some of the non-orky stuff I’ve distracted myself with since – but of course, the orks haven’t been idle either. Til next time, thanks for reading!



The Ork Project: Nobz and Trukk # 2

Posted: March 5, 2017 in 40k
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A quick boost for the troops with another ride and some Nobz with power klaws. Just the thing to ruin some space marine’s day…


Nothing too fancy here, just assembled right out of the Nobz box. Eventually these guys will probably end up in a proper Nob unit with the rest of their bros, and their place in the troops unit will be taken by conversions of Assault on Black Reach Nobz with third-party power klaws, but for now they’ve done an admirable job smashing up Deathwing and Chaos space marines while their hapless underlings take the enemy’s return blows right in the face. Proper Orky!

Of course, the thing that makes these guys so threatening is how terrifyingly fast they can move when mounted up in their trukks. Here’s the second one that I’ve finished:



The "TRD" on there is mostly to annoy my brother (he's a mechanic for Toyota)

The “TRD” on there is mostly to annoy my brother (he’s a mechanic for Toyota)

Not as much of a departure from the basic kit than the first trukk, but like the first it’s almost entirely modified using parts from the trukk kit itself.

Next time: a couple of big scary characters to stomp all over anything in the way!

Thanks for reading!


The Ork Project: DEFFDREAD

Posted: January 31, 2017 in 40k
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As promised, here’s the first in a series of posts on the progress I’ve made on the Ork Project over the last year or so. This week: THA DEFFDREAD!


This model is one of the most evocative of the Ork range and one of the reasons I started the project in the first place. He’s just so friggen’ cool! The model was a blast to paint too and I’m looking forward to painting his little brothers, the Killa Kans.

I did some minor conversion work, but the kit is awesome right out of the box so I didn’t go too overboard. I cannibalized a couple extra little saws from one of the arms I wasn’t using to beef up his right arm and added a couple extra spikes to the torso. Since the base is such a large, flat expanse I decided to break up the space with some detail – this was accomplished with a spare chunk of diamond-plate plasticard and a spare plastic gear from an old wrecked CD-ROM drive. I trimmed and filed off about half the gear at an angle to give them impression that it’s been partially buried into the ground.


The basecoat marked a bit of a departure from how I’ve been doing things on the other vehicles. Rather than basecoat the whole thing silver, I found it easier to apply my chosen red (Vallejo Game Colour Dark Flesh) over a gray primer, using the airbrush. The Game Colour paints aren’t designed for airbrushing per se, but the Dark Flesh in the Game Air range looked just a bit off in comparison. Once thinned down, I had no problems spraying the Game Colour paint and it made for a really nice basecoat. I’m already using this technique on some of the other vehicles that don’t have so much silver on them.


I think the weathering is one of the more effective parts of the paint job. This was accomplished primarily with sponge chipping, using Model Air Gun Metal and Panzer Aces Dark Rust (I skipped the Gun Metal chipping on the metallic parts, since they were already done in the same color). The whole surface was then shaded with Army Painter Strong Tone, and metallic areas given a second, patchy coat with Soft Tone. The weathering looks especially nice over the white of the giant awesome skull face!

One last new technique with the airbrush – as a final touch I sprayed just a little black onto the ends of each of the exhaust pipes to create a nice, soot-covered effect. I’m really happy with the result and I’ll be using it on all my vehicles and warbikes in the future.


So that’s all for the mighty DEFFDREAD. Thanks for reading!



Game Report: Orks vs. Deathwing

Posted: January 12, 2017 in 40k, Game Report
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This isn’t really a full-on battle report, just a few photos from one of my first games back in 40k (Not actually THE first game, since I was so busy playing that one that I don’t really have any pictures. And also I lost that one so it’s a bit less impressive). The good news is… it’s fun! Over a year of effort has not been totally in vain! Huzzah!

These first few games have been at only 1250 points, as I struggle to keep up with both my opponents who have smaller and much less horde-based armies to paint. I’m closing in on having everything at 1250 painted (more specific features on that over the next couple weeks) and I’ll have to start planning out what to do next in order to expand.

On to the war!


Sam, my opponent, plays Deathwing so she started with just three Dreadnoughts on the table, with the rest of the army deep striking in. Turn one, I rushed one of my trukks up the center-left to predictable results as you can see, while my Death Koptas on the left flank took on the third dreadnought. They managed to go most of the game without hitting anything and lost half their number to the dreadnought’s fire, before finally bringing it down.

The flaming trukk and cowering boyz here looks bad, but it ended quite well for me – the boyz managed to charge the dreadnought and take it out with a power klaw, and later took down the second dread with another charge!


Belial and his command squad come down right in the center of my deployment zone, hoping to push in towards the central objective. Unfortunately their landing site put them within reach of both my deffdred and the warboss and burnas in the battlewagon behind him…

Ever get the feeling that you're about to do a double-take?

Ever get the feeling that you’re about to do a double-take?

I love how my deffdred came out, but unfortunately in like four games now he’s hardly managed to accomplish anything, as my opponents feel the need to immediately blast him into scrap. Maybe he looks TOO scary?


The dred gets stunned and unable to get into combat with the command squad, but no matter – the warboss and burnas see to that themselves. Belial and warboss ‘Umungus Joe manage to wipe each other out in the same round, but the burnas (proxied here as burnas are a pain to paint… working on it!) take down the rest of the squad. All that remains after the first turn of close combat is the heroic standard bearer. Sadly, the terminator squad that might have come to their rescue (or at least had their revenge) scattered off the table and died.


By this point it was a forgone conclusion. The last terminator squad comes in and the deffdred flexes his claws – finally a target! Alas, the Deathwing promptly reduce him to scrap metal before he can so much as cock back a fist. But just in time to be swamped by a tide of orks. With the Deathwing wiped out, that’s the game!

It now belongs to da Orks!

It now belongs to da Orks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this game recap, including a few ork units that I haven’t shown before. Thanks for reading!



2016 has finally crawled across the finish line. I can’t say it’s been an especially bad year for me altogether (certainly by the standards of 2016) but one place I certainly failed to live up to expectations was in keeping this blog up to date. That’s not to say that I haven’t worked on or completed any hobby projects, but what I have done never made it here. I was especially bad at taking pictures of WiP or even completed works. The way I had been doing things required a fair bit of rearranging lights, equipment, etc. in order to take acceptable photos, so really I ended up just not bothering.

The good news is I’ve figured out some improvements that make taking quick pictures of finished miniatures quite a bit easier. I have a new background that I can just lay down on the workbench under the lighting I already have there, and take photos with a minimum of setup and takedown required. I’ve gone back and photographed all the stuff I’ve finished over the course of the year and I’m pretty happy with the results – you’ll be seeing those over the next couple of weeks.

So what did I do with 2016? Mostly painted Orks. The army is really coming together now and I’m super happy with how it looks all together on the table. Speaking of which, I’ve now actually played 40k again… and it’s fun! I feel our choice to go back to 4th Edition was a wise one – I’m very happy to stay off the GW treadmill of releases and be able to look at what’s on the horizon with a certain level of detachment. I’ll have some photos from a couple of our games ready to go in the next couple days.

With a few games under our belts, my opponents are already wrapping up collections and planning new expansions or whole armies (while I still have a million orks to go…) so I think 40k will remain alive with us for at least a while down the road. The million orks haven’t stopped me from dreaming up some new plans of my own, either…

With a bit of content now stored up and ready to go, I’m hoping to do better at keeping things up to date here in 2017. At least I can’t really mess up too badly right out of the gate. And of course, I’m not going to leave you without showing off at least one pic:

Is dere sumfing behind me?

Is dere sumfing behind me?

Happy New Year!