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The Ork Project: High Flyers

Posted: May 22, 2018 in 40k
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So here’s what started it all. Way back in “the day”, I picked up the Ork Bommer kit just because it looked cool. I had no intention of using the model in a game, no intention of playing orks, or 40k at all for that matter. And now I’m typing this while sitting next to a whole display case of the little green bastards!

Since I went the retrohammer route, I still doubt that I’ll ever have this model on the tabletop, but having finally finished it I’m still super pleased at just how cool it looks. So here is Deth Punk

The kit is so large, it ends up exposing the limits of my improvised photo backdrop (a self-adhesive whiteboard panel I found on clearance at Staples).

This bomb is quite happy to meet you…

While it’s tricky to see under the finished canopy, I love the detail and expressiveness they’ve put into this kit for the grot gunner and his little turret.

The airbrush was quite handy for basecoating here. The stripes were masked and sprayed, but in hindsight doing them freehand with a brush would probably have worked just as well.

A base this big needs some extra bitz. The I-beam posts are plasticard, and the rusted gears are actually parts from an old CD-ROM drive. The barbed wire is from Army Painter. The barrel is a resin cast of my very own entirely proprietary design – perhaps at some point I’ll get around to selling those.

But if you’re already looking up in the sky, you might also spot some more trouble on the horizon. What’s more dangerous than an Ork? An Ork with a jetpack!

I hadn’t planned on having a unit of Stormboyz in my collection, but one of my coworkers was selling some of his stuff including these guys and I picked them up pretty cheap, and already assembled too. This is another kit where I think GW did a great job expressing the crazy ramshackle look. Although I really, really need to pick up some washers to weigh down the bases – the dynamic leaping poses leave these figures quite top-heavy and more than a few have decided to swan dive right off of terrain in the middle of a game.

They’re not a bad as Burnas, but all the little harnesses and jetpack detail definitely mean that they take quite a bit longer to paint than regular boyz.

Gotta love the Mad Bomber Ork!

As always, thanks for reading!



The Ork Project: Gunz, Gunz, Gunz

Posted: February 17, 2018 in 40k
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I’m not even sure if Big Gunz are still a thing in current 40k, or if they’ve been replaced entirely by the much larger (and far newer) Mek Gunz. While there’s nothing wrong with the Mek Gunz kit (aside from the price), I’m a little disappointed that it doesn’t include classics like the good old Zzap Gun. Considering that I play 4th Edition, I found myself a bit caught between the truly ancient Big Gunz models and the too-large and too-pricy Mek Gunz. Easy answer: GET ORKY AND BUILD SOME! Let’s get zzapping!

And here they are in their raw plastic glory, surrounded by the debris of creation. Let’s do this before-and-after style…

The first one I made up – the body of the gun is the remains of a broken LED finger light. I started from there and built outwards. The carriage is mostly plasticard, followed by plenty of bitz.

I liked the idea of a split trail, classic anti-tank gun style. The gun itself is from the Rockgrinder kit (more mileage out of that one!) with a barrel from a Dakkajet supa-shoota and a grot-prod tip on the end for the zzappy bit. The whole thing is actually held together by the wheel axle, which runs all the way through the gun, the sides (square styrene tube) and into the wheels.

Bit more straightforward on the last one. A battlewagon zzap gun, with a gun shield added and mounted on a cruciform base made of plastic I-beams. Extra bits to taste.

But they won’t be doing much killin’ looking all grey and plastic. Time for some Glorious Full Color:

pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

Suitably grunged-up with sponge chipping and washes.

I tried to make the coil at the back look like it’s all glowy and pulsing. It… sort of worked. Good enough!

I really liked the idea of little oscilloscope-looking screens on the side. I can’t imagine the grots manning the thing have any idea what it means, though. Just pull the lever, stupid.

Thanks for reading!

The Ork Project: Biggest and Smallest

Posted: January 16, 2018 in 40k
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Any proper warboss needs a badass ride to drive to (and into) the enemy. I wavered on spending the money to pick up the Genestealer Cult rockgrinder kit for conversion fodder, but the opportunity to build this is what ended up clinching it. I actually managed to get pretty good mileage out the rockgrinder – you’ll see more of it popping up later. But for now, say hello to Super Beast…

Nothing quite like driving over your enemies in a saw-tipped metal monstrosity named after a Rob Zombie song.

The business end, also featuring an insignia I particularly favor (WITNESS!). I laser-cut it out of fiberboard. I’d like to feature it in more parts of the army, but this is about the smallest that the laser I have access to can accurately cut. I’ve designed a version for casting to fix this problem, but I haven’t got around to finishing it yet.

In order to be truly finished it needs side gunners with two more big shootas, but I’m calling it good enough to use in games for now. I’ve also magnetized the top turret so I can upgrade it further if desired.

But what if your ride breaks down and you need somewhere someone to take cover behind while you bash it back into shape?

In their three games so far, these grots have had a bit of a mixed bag – ranging from being sucked into the warp while standing in front of a malfunctioning Shokk Attack Gun, to being unceremoniously shot to death by Chaos Space Marines, to the heights of glorious triumph when they managed to gun down a single Necron Warrior (also while standing in front of a malfunctioning Shokk Attack Gun).

But when you need bullets caught, there’s none more trustworthy. Wouldn’t you trust this face?

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The Ork Project: Da Big Bosses!

Posted: April 27, 2017 in 40k
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Here we have the last of the models I actually finished last year and never got around to posting. Since they’re both HQ characters, I tried to put a bit more effort and detail into them – not sure how well it shows (at least in these pictures) but I’m pretty pleased with the final result. ‘Ere we go!

Damn, I love this model. It does a fantastic job of showing off the scraptastic, ramshackle, utter madness that makes the Orks so awesome. And all at the low, low price of… $45? Seriously, GW?

I had to talk myself into spending that much on a single model (one of these days I’m sure I’ll have a fantastic rant about GW’s price structure to post), but in the end I bit the bullet. Worth it? Oh yeah. Maybe that means that Workshop won this round?

This guy has also managed to be a bit of a centerpiece of most of my games so far, too. he seems to fluctuate between a devastating murder machine or simply being gunned down at the first opportunity. Although in my last game, he managed to roll double 1’s and leave a neat hole in reality where he and a mob of grots catching bullets had stood. Oh well, more where that came from!

Of course, any warband needs somebody big and mean to run the show. So here’s my standard Warboss, ‘Oomungus Joe and his little dog, Rippy:

His attack squig normally comes attached to the rest of the figure and on the same 40mm base, but to my eye that looked way too crowded so I went and gave ‘Ol Rippy a base of his very own. I spent extra time on highlights (particularly on Rippy) and I’m quite pleased with the result.

‘Oomungus Joe usually rolls deep in Burna Boys in his finest Battlewagon, and fears no man (with the possible exception of Space Marine Librarians and their accursed Force Weapons). He might get more done if he stuck to charging the squishy stuff, but he tends to wind up in combat with a tooled-up Deathwing Command Squad, from which neither side usually walks away from in great shape. So far, in three separate games, he and Belial have managed to meet in single combat and wipe each other out simultaneously.

So that’s it for painting in 2016. Coming next time, some of the non-orky stuff I’ve distracted myself with since – but of course, the orks haven’t been idle either. Til next time, thanks for reading!


The Ork Project: Nobz and Trukk # 2

Posted: March 5, 2017 in 40k
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A quick boost for the troops with another ride and some Nobz with power klaws. Just the thing to ruin some space marine’s day…


Nothing too fancy here, just assembled right out of the Nobz box. Eventually these guys will probably end up in a proper Nob unit with the rest of their bros, and their place in the troops unit will be taken by conversions of Assault on Black Reach Nobz with third-party power klaws, but for now they’ve done an admirable job smashing up Deathwing and Chaos space marines while their hapless underlings take the enemy’s return blows right in the face. Proper Orky!

Of course, the thing that makes these guys so threatening is how terrifyingly fast they can move when mounted up in their trukks. Here’s the second one that I’ve finished:



The "TRD" on there is mostly to annoy my brother (he's a mechanic for Toyota)

The “TRD” on there is mostly to annoy my brother (he’s a mechanic for Toyota)

Not as much of a departure from the basic kit than the first trukk, but like the first it’s almost entirely modified using parts from the trukk kit itself.

Next time: a couple of big scary characters to stomp all over anything in the way!

Thanks for reading!