Game Report: Orks vs. Deathwing

Posted: January 12, 2017 in 40k, Game Report
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This isn’t really a full-on battle report, just a few photos from one of my first games back in 40k (Not actually THE first game, since I was so busy playing that one that I don’t really have any pictures. And also I lost that one so it’s a bit less impressive). The good news is… it’s fun! Over a year of effort has not been totally in vain! Huzzah!

These first few games have been at only 1250 points, as I struggle to keep up with both my opponents who have smaller and much less horde-based armies to paint. I’m closing in on having everything at 1250 painted (more specific features on that over the next couple weeks) and I’ll have to start planning out what to do next in order to expand.

On to the war!


Sam, my opponent, plays Deathwing so she started with just three Dreadnoughts on the table, with the rest of the army deep striking in. Turn one, I rushed one of my trukks up the center-left to predictable results as you can see, while my Death Koptas on the left flank took on the third dreadnought. They managed to go most of the game without hitting anything and lost half their number to the dreadnought’s fire, before finally bringing it down.

The flaming trukk and cowering boyz here looks bad, but it ended quite well for me – the boyz managed to charge the dreadnought and take it out with a power klaw, and later took down the second dread with another charge!


Belial and his command squad come down right in the center of my deployment zone, hoping to push in towards the central objective. Unfortunately their landing site put them within reach of both my deffdred and the warboss and burnas in the battlewagon behind him…

Ever get the feeling that you're about to do a double-take?

Ever get the feeling that you’re about to do a double-take?

I love how my deffdred came out, but unfortunately in like four games now he’s hardly managed to accomplish anything, as my opponents feel the need to immediately blast him into scrap. Maybe he looks TOO scary?


The dred gets stunned and unable to get into combat with the command squad, but no matter – the warboss and burnas see to that themselves. Belial and warboss ‘Umungus Joe manage to wipe each other out in the same round, but the burnas (proxied here as burnas are a pain to paint… working on it!) take down the rest of the squad. All that remains after the first turn of close combat is the heroic standard bearer. Sadly, the terminator squad that might have come to their rescue (or at least had their revenge) scattered off the table and died.


By this point it was a forgone conclusion. The last terminator squad comes in and the deffdred flexes his claws – finally a target! Alas, the Deathwing promptly reduce him to scrap metal before he can so much as cock back a fist. But just in time to be swamped by a tide of orks. With the Deathwing wiped out, that’s the game!

It now belongs to da Orks!

It now belongs to da Orks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this game recap, including a few ork units that I haven’t shown before. Thanks for reading!




2016 has finally crawled across the finish line. I can’t say it’s been an especially bad year for me altogether (certainly by the standards of 2016) but one place I certainly failed to live up to expectations was in keeping this blog up to date. That’s not to say that I haven’t worked on or completed any hobby projects, but what I have done never made it here. I was especially bad at taking pictures of WiP or even completed works. The way I had been doing things required a fair bit of rearranging lights, equipment, etc. in order to take acceptable photos, so really I ended up just not bothering.

The good news is I’ve figured out some improvements that make taking quick pictures of finished miniatures quite a bit easier. I have a new background that I can just lay down on the workbench under the lighting I already have there, and take photos with a minimum of setup and takedown required. I’ve gone back and photographed all the stuff I’ve finished over the course of the year and I’m pretty happy with the results – you’ll be seeing those over the next couple of weeks.

So what did I do with 2016? Mostly painted Orks. The army is really coming together now and I’m super happy with how it looks all together on the table. Speaking of which, I’ve now actually played 40k again… and it’s fun! I feel our choice to go back to 4th Edition was a wise one – I’m very happy to stay off the GW treadmill of releases and be able to look at what’s on the horizon with a certain level of detachment. I’ll have some photos from a couple of our games ready to go in the next couple days.

With a few games under our belts, my opponents are already wrapping up collections and planning new expansions or whole armies (while I still have a million orks to go…) so I think 40k will remain alive with us for at least a while down the road. The million orks haven’t stopped me from dreaming up some new plans of my own, either…

With a bit of content now stored up and ready to go, I’m hoping to do better at keeping things up to date here in 2017. At least I can’t really mess up too badly right out of the gate. And of course, I’m not going to leave you without showing off at least one pic:

Is dere sumfing behind me?

Is dere sumfing behind me?

Happy New Year!



The Ork Project: Deffcoptas and More

Posted: June 19, 2016 in 40k
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OK, let’s shake some of this rust off…

I’ve finished the first unit of three Deffcoptas, and I’m really pleased with the final result (the first two were actually finished months ago, waiting for me to get off my ass and finish the third one). I’m especially proud of my Big Bomm conversion, and I’m planning another for the Nob with buzzsaws. Check them out:


It's probably for the best that Orks aren't very good at spelling

It’s probably for the best that Orks aren’t very good at spelling

The bomb is quite happy to see you

The bomb is quite happy to see you

But that’s not all I’ve been working away on. The trukk that I had converted and showed off here last year is finished too!



I’m still planning to go back and add a few markings or more weathering, possibly some dust pigments on the wheels and undercarriage. I’m trying not to go too far overboard considering that I have plenty more vehicles that I’ll need to paint to the same standard later (plus I think it already looks pretty awesome). I’ll have to keep reminding myself that an entire army finished like this will look way more impressive than a fancier one that’s only half done.

Lastly, I’ve finished up a few more infantry… not as exciting, but three of them are Burnas and look pretty cool, despite being a pain to paint (and needing like 12 more of them). These three were ones that I picked up used and were already assembled – I’ll be leaving a few strategically chosen parts off the next batch to make it easier to access the whole model for painting.

I start fires!

I start fires!

Plus, this latest batch means that I should have enough troops to field a decent force without painting more basic boys. All that I need now is MOAR TRUKKS.

Oh yeah, and the power klaw Nobs I’m working on now.

And the rest of the army. That too.

Thanks for reading!


New Products Released!

Posted: December 29, 2015 in News, Terrain
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Just a quick note to let you know that the first batch of new products has finally hit the webstore and are ready for your gaming table! Say hello to Industrial LPG Tanks and Pumpjacks:



You can find them both in the store right here.

In other news, Project Ork continues to roll, but so far my progress has been on more boyz (which aren’t all that exciting to look at once you’ve seen the first batch). In the pipeline heading into 2016: deffcoptas!

Happy New Year and hopefully lots of fun gaming and painting ahead!



Painting Da Boyz

Posted: November 9, 2015 in 40k
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As promised, here’s a look at the expanded Ork Project and the painting plan I’m following. I’ll see if I can remember to take some in-progress photos as I work on the next batch.


I’m not sure how I tricked myself into drilling out every gun barrel on a giant pile of orks

This is one of the first times I’ve worked with a grey primer coat en masse. I find that it provides a base that colors like the ork’s green skin cover over much more easily than black, while still not looking as crazy stark as white would. It does lose the ability of black to create shadows and hide any missed spots, but I’ve found it’s not a huge problem since the scheme makes heavy use of washes. I’ve used Army Painter Uniform Gray spray.

The base color for the skin is Army Painter Greenskin (huge surprise) but I’m applying it solely with a brush – most of the orks have only their faces and arms exposed so there’s not enough skin area to justify using Greenskin as the primer color. The first step is just a quick-and-dirty coat around the face and neck to get any areas I won’t be able to reach later.

Shirt and pant colors are the first major step, and are mixed and matched haphazardly as befits the orks. The most common color is based on the paints I used on the Bommer, but applied by hand for the sake of neatness. It uses a base of Vallejo Surface Primer Red Oxide, followed by two coats of Model Air Rust. It doesn’t work quite as nicely as when it was airbrushed on the Bommer, but gets the job done here and keeps the same rusty-red palette. These will be Evil Sunz, but once again I’m trying to stay away from the traditional crimson red and give a more worn appearance.

Other colors for the clothing are mostly P3, but I haven’t bothered to keep particularly close track of which ones I use where since I want things looking properly orky. They’re drawn mostly from a pool of Bootstrap Leather, Cryx Bane Highlight, Beast Hide, and whatever other browns and greys catch my eye.

I’ve been using Dark Flesh as an accent color for wristbands, weapon hafts, etc but I’m now leaning towards mixing it in to the clothing colors just to bring out the red shades a bit more, which are perhaps a bit lacking with the first few batches. Dark Flesh is a really great color and it fits very well into the effect I’m trying to achieve.

The straps are done with Model Color German Camo Black/Brown, although it’s effectively the same color as Game Color Charred Brown and I could really use them interchangeably.

About here is where I’ll go back with Greenskin and finish the rest of the flesh areas – the paint has pretty good coverage over the grey base so it usually only takes one main coat plus occasionally another over the more exposed areas.

The finish for metal areas is pretty heavily dependent on later washes – the base is a simple coat of Model Air Gunmetal (if you’re not familiar with the Model Air line, this is a pretty standard Boltgun Metal kind of color).

There’s only a couple more details to wrap up before the wash stage – black or the leather strap color for boots, Dark Flesh for wristbands and wraps etc, Game Color Brassy Brass on shell casings and earrings, and Bleached Bone on any skulls (I leave the teeth and claws for later).

The first of the wash steps is over all of the skin – I still have a bunch of this older Citadel Wash color around, but my preferred substitute would be Army Painter Green Shade. This does most of the work of adding depth and richness to the skin.

The primary wash is Army Painter Strong Tone (the water-based dropper bottle one, not Quickshade) over all the rest of the figure – this finishes a lot of the model in one go and in addition to shading grunges things up very nicely. This is my go-to replacement for Devlan Mud and I use the two pretty much interchangeably.


The rust red color (as used on the Bommer) can be seen on this shoota boy’s shirt and helmet

The Strong Tone has dirtied down the metals a bit, but to finish them off I apply a deliberately blotchy coat of Soft Tone/Gryffonne Sepia shade. This is also applied over any bone areas, and I’ll usually pause before this wash to paint the teeth and claws in bone – those areas will then receive two coats of the sepia wash.

Since I have like a million of these little bastards to paint I’ve limited myself to one main highlight step, on the skin. The color I’m using is Citadel Warboss Green – one of the very few of the colors from the updated range that I commonly use. I think I understand the idea behind the formulation of the layer paints, which seem to have universally poor coverage…they’re made specifically as a highlight paint, where their lack of opacity can be an asset for smoothing the transition between layers. It works OK here on my ork skin, but it’s not really difficult to thin down a regular paint and use it in this manner. This leaves the Citadel range a bit hamstrung when you consider that so many of their colors can’t be used effectively as a base layer.


I tried to make the Nobs appear a bit darker by mixing the Warboss Green with the original Greenskin base at roughly 50:50. The result is OK but I’m not sure if it created enough of a difference to bother with.

Lastly, any final details or touch-ups. The eyes are done with a small dot of Army Painter Pure Red.

So about 20 orks down and probably like a hundred to go. I’m still wrapping up building and conversions on the first batch of vehicles, but my plan of attack will likely start with an airbrushed basecoat of Gunmetal. I really like the effect of the washes on metallics and this is probably the easiest way to cover the most area quickly. Rust-red will be the primary accent color, but I’m undecided if the best way to apply it will be via airbrush like on the Bommer, or by hand for greater control.

Can’t find out til I finish building!