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2016 has finally crawled across the finish line. I can’t say it’s been an especially bad year for me altogether (certainly by the standards of 2016) but one place I certainly failed to live up to expectations was in keeping this blog up to date. That’s not to say that I haven’t worked on or completed any hobby projects, but what I have done never made it here. I was especially bad at taking pictures of WiP or even completed works. The way I had been doing things required a fair bit of rearranging lights, equipment, etc. in order to take acceptable photos, so really I ended up just not bothering.

The good news is I’ve figured out some improvements that make taking quick pictures of finished miniatures quite a bit easier. I have a new background that I can just lay down on the workbench under the lighting I already have there, and take photos with a minimum of setup and takedown required. I’ve gone back and photographed all the stuff I’ve finished over the course of the year and I’m pretty happy with the results – you’ll be seeing those over the next couple of weeks.

So what did I do with 2016? Mostly painted Orks. The army is really coming together now and I’m super happy with how it looks all together on the table. Speaking of which, I’ve now actually played 40k again… and it’s fun! I feel our choice to go back to 4th Edition was a wise one – I’m very happy to stay off the GW treadmill of releases and be able to look at what’s on the horizon with a certain level of detachment. I’ll have some photos from a couple of our games ready to go in the next couple days.

With a few games under our belts, my opponents are already wrapping up collections and planning new expansions or whole armies (while I still have a million orks to go…) so I think 40k will remain alive with us for at least a while down the road. The million orks haven’t stopped me from dreaming up some new plans of my own, either…

With a bit of content now stored up and ready to go, I’m hoping to do better at keeping things up to date here in 2017. At least I can’t really mess up too badly right out of the gate. And of course, I’m not going to leave you without showing off at least one pic:

Is dere sumfing behind me?

Is dere sumfing behind me?

Happy New Year!




New Products Released!

Posted: December 29, 2015 in News, Terrain
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Just a quick note to let you know that the first batch of new products has finally hit the webstore and are ready for your gaming table! Say hello to Industrial LPG Tanks and Pumpjacks:



You can find them both in the store right here.

In other news, Project Ork continues to roll, but so far my progress has been on more boyz (which aren’t all that exciting to look at once you’ve seen the first batch). In the pipeline heading into 2016: deffcoptas!

Happy New Year and hopefully lots of fun gaming and painting ahead!



More New Stuff

Posted: June 20, 2015 in News, Terrain
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A quick post this time with a couple more renders I’ve been working away on…


A further update to the blast furnace, fleshing out most of the remaining components.


And another smaller piece, and since I’m from Alberta it’s one I’m already familiar with :D

These are perhaps a bit too small to make much difference in-game, but I think they’re a neat little accent and they seem to be popular among the forum crowd. The top “arm” part of the pump is designed as a separate piece so that it can be glued at whatever position you want.

Thanks for taking a look!


You might have seen a few of these renders before if you’ve been trawling through some of the Epic forums on the interwebs, but I’ve been remiss in posting them here for all to see. These models are all in various states of completion from rough outline to print-ready, and for now I’m building up a collection of new designs before I decide how to go about releasing them and in what order. If you see something you especially want to have your little mans fight over, let me know down below in the comments!

Casting roof pieces continues to be sub-optimal, so I’m looking at alternatives to the standard flat ones. Just like with the Tall buildings, I’d like to have a few different roof styles for other sizes. These are prototypes for the new Armoured Roof:



I’ve been moving into larger models, and this one is the furthest along. Take a look at the Gothic Flak Tower:


The footprint on this one is 16 x 16 cm – as big as four Medium buildings put together!

While it’s not beyond my capabilities to cast, right now I don’t have a good way to model or print something quite as small as the guns, so the turrets in place on the towers are just mockups. For the moment, the gun turrets are not included.

A view from the battlements:


Current skull count: 64


An imposing sight to greet your enemies:


I’m working on a new plan for casting buildings this large, since even for an experienced modeller getting every single wall and column aligned while building the thing would be a giant pain. The basic plan is that the central hub will be one piece, hollow on the inside to keep it light. The roof (and those for the towers) are separate pieces. Each tower will also be a single piece, or possibly with one wall separate depending on how I need to set up the mold geometry. I’ve planned it out so that even a little variation in how each part turns out shouldn’t effect the final assembly.

While there aren’t actually that many unique new parts, if there’s demand for it I should be able to sell some of the wall sections individually for the hardcore builder.

Next we have a (very) early render for another big project that many gamers have told me they’re looking for:


Here we have a Gothic Statue Plinth. I was inspired by a model from the Cities of Death book that some of you might remember. The indentation on top is sized to hold a 25mm base so you can use whatever suitably impressive 40k-sized figure you want as the statue – an imposing monument for epic-scale figures! The printed parts are a bit more complicated than usual, so I’ll have to do some more work and put further research into possible demand before I can say that it will definitely see the light of day.


Simple mockups for an Epic base and Rhino, for scale. The footprint is the same as a Medium building (80×80 mm). I think I’ve got it down to two main pieces, plus the pipes which will need to be done separately and would come on their own sprue. Might go back and tone it down with the skulls a bit – this may be too much even for me…

While I’m on this design kick, I dredged up some of my old traditionally-made terrain from way back and I’ve been translating some of it into castable form. This one here is based on the shell of an Industrial Small Warehouse but swaps out some of the walls and adds some new pieces as well, increasing the footprint out to Medium building dimensions. Say hello to the Ammunition Factory:




These are a new model of smokestack, of a slightly smaller…caliber.
I might still do some tweaking on the wall with the big buttress/fin things.

In the meantime, does anyone have any questions about propane or propane accessories?


The tank is roughly 36mm tall, and I designed it with a 40mm footprint (the same length as a rectangular Epic base) so that more than one would fit into the same area as a Medium building – you can get up to four on there.



And lastly, another big work-in-progress and possibly my most ambitious yet in terms of individual parts. Do you know what you really need to wage war?



Blast furnaces are pretty fascinating structures, and so far this one is over 15cm tall – that’s taller than the old Forge World Cathedral, and it will probably grow higher before I’m finished. Like the Flak Tower, the base area you see is 16cm square – as big as four Medium buildings combined. I’ve done a bunch of research into how these things work, and there’s still quite a bit to add…most notably, the huge heater stoves that provide the blast of superheated air that give the furnace its name. And even once it’s done, there’s lots more that could go along with it: rolling mills, arc furnaces, coke ovens… it wouldn’t be too difficult to fill an entire table with all the massive equipment that makes up just one steel mill.

Thanks for scrolling all the way down here, and as always thanks for reading!




Painting Projects: Back on Track

Posted: April 30, 2015 in 40k, News
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Unsurprisingly, the last year has been a bit of a roller coaster. While casting and Kickstarter definitely took up lots of my time, the biggest factor has been returning to school. I had honestly forgotten how much raw time and effort it ate up, and as a consequence I haven’t had time to pick up a paintbrush in months. But no more!

With the Wasteland Game Studio webstore now online, this blog will be moving back towards its original purpose – featuring more articles and photos of some of my painting projects (stuff about buildings and casting projects will still show up, but important announcements will be made on the new store front page for maximum visibility).

So here’s a work-in-progress look at one of my new projects I’m working on this summer…

I haven’t played 40k in forever but I’ve always liked the aesthetic of Ork models, especially their ramshackle vehicles. It’s like Mad Max with giant angry green guys! Last year I started gathering up stuff from the range that I really liked the look of, just to paint for fun. I was able to get some good deals through trades and by splitting up some of the “collection” boxed sets that Games Workshop has done (which are a remarkably good deal, coming from them…) and when I stopped to take stock I realized I had almost an entire army lying around. I don’t expect to ever use them on the tabletop, but I’m excited to see them all painted up in my display cabinet.


The bommer here was one of the first pieces I picked up, and it’s a really nice kit. Well-designed, goes together well and lots of options and Orky charm. I painted most of the pilot a while ago, but all the rest of the work has been done in the last week.

I wanted to use red as my main color, but I’m not sure I like the look of the usual bright, strong red with the green Ork skin. I settled on a dark, rusty shade with lots of brown that I think goes really well with the bashed-together Ork technology. I’m not sure if it will leave me enough contrast to make corroded areas stand out, but I can push those into a brighter orange color so I think it will work.

I started with a base of Vallejo Surface Primer in German Red Brown, applied via airbrush. Unfortunately I had some adhesion problems once I started masking so I have some chips I’ll need to go back and do something about – in the future, I’ll try using a spraycan primer as a base layer, which seems to give a more durable surface. The red areas were then covered with a deliberately patchy coat of Model Air Rust. Most of the metallic areas have been basecoated by hand using Model Air Black Metal.


The black-and-white patterns typical on Ork equipment look really good on this base color. Inspired(?) by the pain in the ass that was painting invasion stripes on my Flames of War AOP back in the day, I decided to go with a similar pattern here. I roughly trimmed the edge of the masking tape before applying it. The stripes are a lot easier to paint when it doesn’t matter if they’re straight or even!

In keeping with the worn-out aesthetic, I didn’t use pure white. Instead, Model Air White Grey was airbrushed onto the masked-off area. Once dry, I masked off each side and applied black in the center to complete the pattern.


I’m quite pleased with how the pilot and gunner turned out. The sculpts are dripping with character and I’m looking forward to working on some of the Ork foot troops.

This is the first full project I’ve used my airbrush on and so far it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been watching a bunch of painting videos on YouTube which have inspired me to try out some other new techniques on this model, such as oil-based washes. I hope you’ll stay tuned and see what results!

Thanks for reading!