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Posted: April 4, 2018 in Game Report, Tanks
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Skipping ahead a bit, over the last month or so I’ve been getting into Gale Force 9’s TANKS. This game seems like a pretty good fit for me – it has some interesting strategy, it plays quickly, looks really cool on the table, only requires a handful of models, plus I just plain love tanks.

I had quite a few bits and pieces around for Flames of War projects that never really got off the ground, but that were a great start for Tanks. I chose Soviets as my primary force. After a few tests, I hadn’t found a historical paint scheme that really worked for me (Soviet tanks were mostly just green, and I didn’t like the results of the camo I tried). So OK, let’s go off the edge of the map a little. Screw history!

A more detailed look at the actual painting will be forthcoming, but for now I wanted to show off a few pictures from my first couple games:

Game One, versus my coworker Zac’s Germans. My ISU-152, a T-34/85 and an IS-2 against his Stug, Pz IV H, Panther and an early-model Pz IV. Things started well and it appeared my strategy was working.

The Panzer IV H goes down and I put some hurt on the Panther.

A swirling melee develops in the corner, and I do my best to out-maneuver the enemy.

Ah, blyad

Disaster! My dice abandon me and some unfortunate critical hits from the Panther bring down the IS-2. The Panzer IV is dead too, but on the other flank the ISU-152 has failed to stop the Stug.

Further attempts at maneuver are no match for my traitorous dice. The front is lost! Stalin will not be happy…

Game Two, a couple weeks later. I have a trio of British Comets that I’ve done up in desert colors as an experimental second force. My plan relies on high Initiative to outfox my opponent and fight him piecemeal. Unfortunately, the desert terrain doesn’t offer much cover. Up against more Germans…

There’s a Stug and a Panzer IV off to the right that I’ve moved around and denied shots. The Panther has been eliminated and the Jagdpanther outflanked, but…

It proves remarkably resilient. The running battle would carry on to the other side of the board as the Germans slowly withdrew to close ranks. Despite losing two tanks, I managed to close and knock out the other two enemy vehicles, thanks to some decent dice and a critical mistake by my opponent. It came down to a shootout between the Jagdpanther backed into a corner and my last Comet, which finally managed to get through Jerry’s thick hide and win the day. Tally Ho!

Thanks for reading!

Not much to say about this one, just a few quick shots of another of our early games. This one sees Sam’s Deathwing face off against Alex’s Emperor’s Children. A close-fought battle, but in the end the Defilers (represented here with the Forge Fiend model, which Alex prefers) proved too strong for the Terminators. Take a look…





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Game Report: Orks vs. Deathwing

Posted: January 12, 2017 in 40k, Game Report
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This isn’t really a full-on battle report, just a few photos from one of my first games back in 40k (Not actually THE first game, since I was so busy playing that one that I don’t really have any pictures. And also I lost that one so it’s a bit less impressive). The good news is… it’s fun! Over a year of effort has not been totally in vain! Huzzah!

These first few games have been at only 1250 points, as I struggle to keep up with both my opponents who have smaller and much less horde-based armies to paint. I’m closing in on having everything at 1250 painted (more specific features on that over the next couple weeks) and I’ll have to start planning out what to do next in order to expand.

On to the war!


Sam, my opponent, plays Deathwing so she started with just three Dreadnoughts on the table, with the rest of the army deep striking in. Turn one, I rushed one of my trukks up the center-left to predictable results as you can see, while my Death Koptas on the left flank took on the third dreadnought. They managed to go most of the game without hitting anything and lost half their number to the dreadnought’s fire, before finally bringing it down.

The flaming trukk and cowering boyz here looks bad, but it ended quite well for me – the boyz managed to charge the dreadnought and take it out with a power klaw, and later took down the second dread with another charge!


Belial and his command squad come down right in the center of my deployment zone, hoping to push in towards the central objective. Unfortunately their landing site put them within reach of both my deffdred and the warboss and burnas in the battlewagon behind him…

Ever get the feeling that you're about to do a double-take?

Ever get the feeling that you’re about to do a double-take?

I love how my deffdred came out, but unfortunately in like four games now he’s hardly managed to accomplish anything, as my opponents feel the need to immediately blast him into scrap. Maybe he looks TOO scary?


The dred gets stunned and unable to get into combat with the command squad, but no matter – the warboss and burnas see to that themselves. Belial and warboss ‘Umungus Joe manage to wipe each other out in the same round, but the burnas (proxied here as burnas are a pain to paint… working on it!) take down the rest of the squad. All that remains after the first turn of close combat is the heroic standard bearer. Sadly, the terminator squad that might have come to their rescue (or at least had their revenge) scattered off the table and died.


By this point it was a forgone conclusion. The last terminator squad comes in and the deffdred flexes his claws – finally a target! Alas, the Deathwing promptly reduce him to scrap metal before he can so much as cock back a fist. But just in time to be swamped by a tide of orks. With the Deathwing wiped out, that’s the game!

It now belongs to da Orks!

It now belongs to da Orks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this game recap, including a few ork units that I haven’t shown before. Thanks for reading!