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Especially working in a game store and regularly exposed to new products, I seem to accrue individual miniatures from various companies and games just because I think they look cool or would be fun to paint. That is, after all, how the Ork Project got started and I still have quite a pile of random minis stashed around my house waiting to be painted and then spend the rest of eternity in my display cabinet. While I suppose it slows my progress on larger projects down, every so often it’s kinda nice to take a break and paint something more esoteric and not tied into a larger color scheme or theme. Here are a couple of my recent favorites!

As soon as I saw this model, I knew I had to own it.

I have no interest in actually playing Warmachine, but some of their models do look really cool. But this little guy takes the cake. I had an idea for a more mutt-looking paint job, but as soon as my sister saw it she insisted that I paint it up to look like our dog Gracie. So now, of course, I own two of this model.

Why aren’t there more models of adorable puppy dogs? I would play a game that was nothing but puppy dog miniatures. Someone, shut up and take my money!

If you’ve seen the Blackstar Corsair figures released by Reaper Bones during one of their Kickstarters (not even sure which one) you may have noticed that they’re dead ringers for Terran Marines from Starcraft. I was waiting ages to get my hands on one, and I ended up painting it over the course of just a single day. He now lives on my desk where I can march him around going “You wanna piece of me, boy?”.

Jacked up and good to go

Since this is a one-off mini, I tried to push myself a bit on the highlights. I’ve worked them up over about five layers (a couple more on the shoulder pads) using mixes of P3 Cygnar Base and Cygnar Highlight.

Standin’ by


Gimmie something to shoot

I’m very happy with the end result, and I’ll admit I kind of want a few more of these guys. Why doesn’t anyone make a Siege Tank model?

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