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In this update, I want to go into a bit more depth about a particular model, and explain some of the choices I made in painting. Here’s a look at my Imperial Cruiser for Battlefleet Gothic:


This is the only Imperial ship I’ve done for BFG, the start of a fleet I never finished and I eventually traded away the remaining miniatures. I’ve hung on to this one, though. Even with no use for it in-game, I like it as a display piece.


Many of the Imperial fleets I’ve seen painted look too bright to me, the use of color in drybrushing the ships just doesn’t seem to mesh with the qualities that I think really defined the ships in Battlefleet Gothic: ancient, kilometers-long gothic war machines built like cathedrals. More subdued schemes like the dark green used in GW box art looked alright, but still weren’t what I was looking for.

BFG Imperial Cruisers by GW

Image copyright Games Workshop. Used without permission.

I spent a bunch of time looking through the BFG rulebook – the artwork seemed to really capture the ornate, gothic and massive qualities of the Imperial ships. To me, the artwork really emphasized those characteristics which set the Imperial ships apart from those of the other races, and the 40k universe apart thematically from many other miniatures games (plus, it shows that you can showcase that dark gothic style without just covering everything in skulls…)

Battlefleet Gothic - The Divine Right

Image copyright Games Workshop. Used without permission.

The key point was that the illustrations were all in black and white, capturing those qualities of the style and background in a way that wouldn’t have worked in full color. So, here I had my inspiration.

Painting the Cruiser

Drybrushing is a common painting technique for BFG – and since it’s quick and I’m lazy, that was my approach here too. My first few experiments with shades of grey came out looking like what I was trying to avoid – too bright.

What worked was GW Boltgun Metal. A pretty simple drybrush really started to capture the feeling I was going for. And that was it for most of the ship.

I didn’t want to break the no-color rule for details like the guns and antennas and such, but most of the silver colors I tried blended in too much with the drybrushed background. I went with GW Mithril Silver, the brightest shade I had handy. The engines were dirtied up a bit with a Tin Bitz drybrush and a quick wash of Gryphonne Sepia.


I did break my color rule to add just a few details in Blood Red – it seemed necessary to give just a little bit more life to the model. Lastly, the armored prow is always a focal point for Imperial ships, which I painted in a fairly standard way – gold on the raised details and P3 Menoth White Highlight on the flat areas, which gave a nice aged look compared to straight white. The torpedo tubes received a quick dot of Brown Ink to finish.

The whole thing came together quite quickly and I’m maybe a little disappointed that I never did more of an Imperial fleet to go with it – but I never played all that much BFG so I really don’t need more than one lying around.

Now I just need the rest of my Battlefleet Gothic stuff to turn up so I can post more than a rambling explanation of one model…

Thanks for reading!