This is Wasteland Studio – a home for various photos, techniques and ideas I have rattling around in my head about the Wargaming hobby.

I work for The Sentry Box, one of the world’s largest gaming stores. I run our department for paint and hobby supplies, and as part of our painting team I occasionally get tapped for commission work or demo pieces for the store. It’s fantastic that so much of my job involves talking to people about the hobby and sharing all this cool stuff with them. Hopefully here I’ll be able to do that even with people who never set foot inside our store, or at least construct an impressive shrine to my own vanity. Come visit us if you get the chance – we have so many tiny tanks.

I’ve been a modeller and painter since about as long as I can remember. It started with plastic models of cars and planes I started building with my dad. I discovered Warhammer 40k in…third grade? That sounds about right. Never actually played for a long time, just built and painted. Eventually in Junior High my friends and I started playing Classic Battletech, and from there my horizons expanded.

These days I still don’t get too much time to game, but I’m still painting away. I hope you’ll join me.

Welcome to the Wasteland.

-Chris Shepard