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Primaris Ultramarines

Posted: December 22, 2017 in 40k
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Were I to paint a Space Marine army, it wouldn’t be Primaris, it wouldn’t be done with in a bright-edge-highlighted style, and it wouldn’t be Ultramarines.

So here’s a Primaris Ultramarines army with bright edge highlights.

But none of this project was really up to me – this was a demo piece that I did for the store, right before the launch of 40k 8th Edition and consisting of the Space Marine half of the new Dark Imperium starter box. This wasn’t originally my project, either. It had started with one of our other staff painters, who was called away by some kind of family matter just after finishing the first unit, the Inceptors (which is why they’re not pictured here – I didn’t paint them!). This meant that the color scheme and style were already set, and I only had about a week before the release to get this finished. Hey, at least I get paid.

Truth be told, in hindsight I didn’t mind working on something in a style and palette that I wouldn’t normally use. And I don’t really have a problem with Primaris as miniatures – while I think resizing Space Marines after so many years feels like an annoying cashgrab and the background behind them is poorly written, the sculpts themselves are fine. I like the cleaner look to the armor and the more tactical-looking weapons. My only real beef is with the Inceptors – the role they’re meant to play is interesting, but the hover skates and the head-mounted jetpacks really don’t do it for me.

I’m afraid these photos are a bit less clear than usual; my apologies. They were taken in the store on our display board and I only had my tablet to take pictures with.

Captain with Gravis Armour

Captain, reverse

Primaris Lieutenants

Chapter Ancient… how ancient can he be? They only just starting making Primaris guys!

Intercessors Squad One

Intercessors Squad Two


All in all I’m fairly happy with the final result, given the tight deadline and lack of choice in the paint scheme.

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The Sons of Entropy

Posted: December 18, 2017 in 40k, Shadow War
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Games Workshop tricked me.

In the lead-up to the release of Shadow War: Armageddon, Warhammer Community had a post listing the various units from the different 40k factions that could be used in the game. My eye went right to Chaos Cultists and I thought “Aha! I have a bunch of cultists from the Dark Vengeance box that have been waiting for some sort of purpose, so I can paint some of those up quick and be totally ready to play!”

And then the book came out. And it turns out that cultists aren’t their own faction; they’re just the “Juve” equivalent within the chaos list which is mostly based around proper marines. Sad face.

Not having any chaos marines handy and feeling a bit disenchanted with the idea, I gave up and decided on a Skitarii kill-team for Shadow War in its place (more on them later). But I’ve still got the first batch of cultists painted up, so I might as well show them off…

I decided on Army Painter Fur Brown as a grungy, orange-brown main color, augmented with a haphazard mix of P3 Ironhull Grey, Sanguine Highlight and Cryx Bane Highlight (greatest color ever!) for the various other bits of fabric plus Menoth White Highlight for wraps and puttees. Most everything except flesh was shaded with Strong Tone. Since I was trying to get these guys together quickly without too much fuss I didn’t bother with much highlighting – concentrating just on the main color with some Citadel Jokereo Orange.

The one place where I broke that rule and put in a bit more time was on the shirtless cultist with all the scars and boils. I added several targeted washes of Reikland Fleshshade and Purple Tone to bring out the detail. I’m really happy with how creepy he ended up looking!

I’ve actually ended up revisiting the Chaos kill-team idea, and I’ve scrounged up the bits for a few chaos marines to build out a proper force (GW trickery notwithstanding). Perhaps the Sons of Entropy are yet to rise up and claim glory…

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Deathwatch: Kill-Team Octavius

Posted: December 13, 2017 in 40k
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I always liked the background and appearance of the Deathwatch – Space Marine special forces, with the asymmetry of their silver arms and the variety of different chapter badges displayed on their shoulders. Since my friends and I have been sticking to the 4th Edition rules for 40k and with the release of the Deathwatch in plastic, I decided to put together a small squad specifically for games of Kill Team (what better game type for them?). My friend Sam still had the old White Dwarf issue with the 4th Ed. Deathwatch rules, so I picked up one of the battleforce-style deals GW offered when the new minis first came out and sold off what I didn’t need, leaving me with the contents of a kill-team box plus the special character. With a few extra space marine bits and a little converting, Kill-Team Octavius is born!

Since there would only be six figures to paint up, I tried to go the extra mile on details such as eye lenses, the various chapter insignia and the cloak on Octavius himself. The black of the armor was a bit of an experiment – from the black undercoat, I tried to apply Vallejo Model Air German Grey at a downward angle using my airbrush, then darken it with Army Painter Dark Tone to push it closer to a pure black while still leaving something in the way of highlights. I may have been a little overzealous when spraying the German Grey, but I’m happy enough with the end result. I tried adding more traditional edge highlights on top of that, but I didn’t like how it was turning out and so abandoned it.

I’m quite pleased with the Sector Imperialis bases I chose to use. I don’t think I’d want to use them on an entire army, but they work great for a small squad like this.

It took me quite a bit of planning to figure out exactly which chapters I wanted to use, and which figure should go with each chapter.

Brother-Sergeant Octavius is a reluctant servant to the Deathwatch – with his Crimson Fists chapter devastated, he fears being elsewhere in their hour of need. Nonetheless, he understands that his duty is to lead his team, a task he pursues to the utmost of his ability.


Brother Koba of the Minotaurs chapter is a zealous and hot-headed warrior. While always eager to destroy the enemies of the Emperor, his temper has led him to clash with other members of his kill-team more than once before.


Brother Tavoor hails from the White Scars, and holds his personal honor and courage above his own life. A skilled tactician and marksman, Sergeant Octavius often trusts him as an informal second-in-command if the team must split up.


Brother Zeraile exemplifies the traits of the Raven Guard – he strikes from the shadows, cutting down unwitting enemies with surgical precision. Outside of battle, he speaks hardly a word.


Despite his constant struggle against it, the Red Thirst of the Blood Angels can be both a liability and a ferocious asset to Brother Constantin. A warrior of stern countenance, he secretly hopes that the hazardous plasma gun he bears might prove fatal before the Black Rage can seize him…


The stout-hearted Brother Hephastion is devoted in his duty to the Deathwatch and his kill-team. Both his suspensor-equipped Heavy Bolter and the wargear of his teammates always receives his attention before seeing to his own condition.


Kill-Team Octavius stands ready to destroy the enemies of the Emperor!

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Classic Battletech: Heavy Metal

Posted: December 8, 2017 in Battletech, News
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I’d started creating a post apologizing for not creating more posts, but quickly realized that the best way to fix that is to… create more posts. I’ve just finished up a boatload of photos of damn near everything I’ve painted in 2017, which should easily carry things into the new year. Stay tuned…

While it’s 40k that has occupied most of my hobby and gaming time since Long Ago, Battletech was the first game that I properly got into way back in Junior High. At the time it was just Battletech – the “Classic” distinction was not yet required. While it has been a couple years at least since I last played, I’ve still got a lot of stuff for it kicking around. I picked up the Alpha Strike rules back when they first came out, and while my first impressions are quite good I haven’t yet managed to actually play the thing. Some of my friends have though; it sounds like they’re on board.

Alpha Strike does require more figures, so every so often I pull out the bag of plastic ‘Mechs from the starter box they released a while ago and paint some up. I decided to complete the starter set ones (possibly more down the line, too) in a fairly generic gunmetal paintjob that should fit in alright with most other factions. And of course, a fair bit of weathering is both cool-looking and appropriate to the setting, too. Here are the first two completed lances:

I mostly picked what to start painting based on how cool I thought they looked, with some consideration given to building lances that at least made some vague sense, at least in terms of weight class. Here we have the Spider, Jagermech, Vindicator and Clint.

While the paint scheme is fairly straightforward, I find that adding a few small markings with decals really adds to the overall effect. While I have some sheets of Battletech decals from Fighting Piranha somewhere, they’re all faction insignia – here I’ve mostly used numbers and caution stripes from a couple of Heavy Gear decal packs, plus a few others from old model kit decals that I’d stashed long ago.

Now we’re talking… gigantic stompy robots to wreck up the place! These are some of my favorite, iconic ‘Mech designs. Presenting the Awesome, Cyclops, Atlas and Zeus.

(I’m gonna design a ‘mech that’s so great… it’s gonna be awesome. I’m gonna call it the Awesome)

The weathering was done primarily with patches of Army Painter Soft Tone, followed with sponge chipping using Vallejo Panzer Aces Dark Rust (my go-to weathering color). For extra wear, I added flecks of P.A. Light Rust inside a few of the darker patches, with a brush this time for more control. The white panels were one of the last steps, but I deliberately applied it with a patchy dabbing motion to create the look of heavily-chipped paint.

I might end up repainting the bases do something a bit more brown. I used my usual colors here (Game Color Cold Grey and Model Air Medium Grey) but I think it may look a bit too similar in tone to the paint on the ‘Mechs themselves to stand out properly.

And now primarily for my own narcissism, here’s some closeups of some of my favorites:

I mean damn, the Atlas is so freakin’ cool.

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