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The Ork Project: Da Big Bosses!

Posted: April 27, 2017 in 40k
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Here we have the last of the models I actually finished last year and never got around to posting. Since they’re both HQ characters, I tried to put a bit more effort and detail into them – not sure how well it shows (at least in these pictures) but I’m pretty pleased with the final result. ‘Ere we go!

Damn, I love this model. It does a fantastic job of showing off the scraptastic, ramshackle, utter madness that makes the Orks so awesome. And all at the low, low price of… $45? Seriously, GW?

I had to talk myself into spending that much on a single model (one of these days I’m sure I’ll have a fantastic rant about GW’s price structure to post), but in the end I bit the bullet. Worth it? Oh yeah. Maybe that means that Workshop won this round?

This guy has also managed to be a bit of a centerpiece of most of my games so far, too. he seems to fluctuate between a devastating murder machine or simply being gunned down at the first opportunity. Although in my last game, he managed to roll double 1’s and leave a neat hole in reality where he and a mob of grots catching bullets had stood. Oh well, more where that came from!

Of course, any warband needs somebody big and mean to run the show. So here’s my standard Warboss, ‘Oomungus Joe and his little dog, Rippy:

His attack squig normally comes attached to the rest of the figure and on the same 40mm base, but to my eye that looked way too crowded so I went and gave ‘Ol Rippy a base of his very own. I spent extra time on highlights (particularly on Rippy) and I’m quite pleased with the result.

‘Oomungus Joe usually rolls deep in Burna Boys in his finest Battlewagon, and fears no man (with the possible exception of Space Marine Librarians and their accursed Force Weapons). He might get more done if he stuck to charging the squishy stuff, but he tends to wind up in combat with a tooled-up Deathwing Command Squad, from which neither side usually walks away from in great shape. So far, in three separate games, he and Belial have managed to meet in single combat and wipe each other out simultaneously.

So that’s it for painting in 2016. Coming next time, some of the non-orky stuff I’ve distracted myself with since – but of course, the orks haven’t been idle either. Til next time, thanks for reading!