The Ork Project: DEFFDREAD

Posted: January 31, 2017 in 40k
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As promised, here’s the first in a series of posts on the progress I’ve made on the Ork Project over the last year or so. This week: THA DEFFDREAD!


This model is one of the most evocative of the Ork range and one of the reasons I started the project in the first place. He’s just so friggen’ cool! The model was a blast to paint too and I’m looking forward to painting his little brothers, the Killa Kans.

I did some minor conversion work, but the kit is awesome right out of the box so I didn’t go too overboard. I cannibalized a couple extra little saws from one of the arms I wasn’t using to beef up his right arm and added a couple extra spikes to the torso. Since the base is such a large, flat expanse I decided to break up the space with some detail – this was accomplished with a spare chunk of diamond-plate plasticard and a spare plastic gear from an old wrecked CD-ROM drive. I trimmed and filed off about half the gear at an angle to give them impression that it’s been partially buried into the ground.


The basecoat marked a bit of a departure from how I’ve been doing things on the other vehicles. Rather than basecoat the whole thing silver, I found it easier to apply my chosen red (Vallejo Game Colour Dark Flesh) over a gray primer, using the airbrush. The Game Colour paints aren’t designed for airbrushing per se, but the Dark Flesh in the Game Air range looked just a bit off in comparison. Once thinned down, I had no problems spraying the Game Colour paint and it made for a really nice basecoat. I’m already using this technique on some of the other vehicles that don’t have so much silver on them.


I think the weathering is one of the more effective parts of the paint job. This was accomplished primarily with sponge chipping, using Model Air Gun Metal and Panzer Aces Dark Rust (I skipped the Gun Metal chipping on the metallic parts, since they were already done in the same color). The whole surface was then shaded with Army Painter Strong Tone, and metallic areas given a second, patchy coat with Soft Tone. The weathering looks especially nice over the white of the giant awesome skull face!

One last new technique with the airbrush – as a final touch I sprayed just a little black onto the ends of each of the exhaust pipes to create a nice, soot-covered effect. I’m really happy with the result and I’ll be using it on all my vehicles and warbikes in the future.


So that’s all for the mighty DEFFDREAD. Thanks for reading!




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