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The Ork Project: Deffcoptas and More

Posted: June 19, 2016 in 40k
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OK, let’s shake some of this rust off…

I’ve finished the first unit of three Deffcoptas, and I’m really pleased with the final result (the first two were actually finished months ago, waiting for me to get off my ass and finish the third one). I’m especially proud of my Big Bomm conversion, and I’m planning another for the Nob with buzzsaws. Check them out:


It's probably for the best that Orks aren't very good at spelling

It’s probably for the best that Orks aren’t very good at spelling

The bomb is quite happy to see you

The bomb is quite happy to see you

But that’s not all I’ve been working away on. The trukk that I had converted and showed off here last year is finished too!



I’m still planning to go back and add a few markings or more weathering, possibly some dust pigments on the wheels and undercarriage. I’m trying not to go too far overboard considering that I have plenty more vehicles that I’ll need to paint to the same standard later (plus I think it already looks pretty awesome). I’ll have to keep reminding myself that an entire army finished like this will look way more impressive than a fancier one that’s only half done.

Lastly, I’ve finished up a few more infantry… not as exciting, but three of them are Burnas and look pretty cool, despite being a pain to paint (and needing like 12 more of them). These three were ones that I picked up used and were already assembled – I’ll be leaving a few strategically chosen parts off the next batch to make it easier to access the whole model for painting.

I start fires!

I start fires!

Plus, this latest batch means that I should have enough troops to field a decent force without painting more basic boys. All that I need now is MOAR TRUKKS.

Oh yeah, and the power klaw Nobs I’m working on now.

And the rest of the army. That too.

Thanks for reading!