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If you’ve tried to reach the blog here in the last couple days, you’ve probably noticed that things weren’t quite working properly. This was a result of settings being changed to point towards the online store that chances are you just saw while making your way to this post! It’s not quite good to go yet, but it should be the last thing standing in the way of connecting you with new buildings.

In addition to building the store and casting up more buildings, I’ve also been tinkering with some new ideas that hopefully will soon be available. Take a look:

The now-detailed Command Bunker. The model is pretty much finished; it just needs to be optimized for printing:



A work-in-progress Gothic Crane:


And of course, a crane needs something to lift:


As an added bonus, I’ve just received word that the new prints for all three High Gothic buildings have arrived today, so improved (and better-casting) versions should be available soon!

Let me know what you think of the designs, and as always thanks for reading!