FAQ and Status Update

Posted: February 25, 2015 in News
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I’ve been getting a few questions about the buildings and availability, so I’ll give you some more details about where production stands and what still needs to happen.

I’m really honoured that people are so interested in buying my products – I hate to keep you waiting, but please rest assured that I’m working as quickly as I can to get them into your hands. I’m as eager to get this going as you are!

If you have any questions that this post doesn’t answer, please let me know! You can reach me by commenting on this post, or email me at info@wastelandgamestudio.com

How do I get buildings?

Short answer: they’re not available yet. The good news is that most of the work to make them available is done. Since things have been very good at taking longer than I think they will, I can’t give a specific date they’ll be ready but my current expectation is within the next couple of weeks.

Where can I find out when they’re available?

Right here. There will be an update on the Kickstarter page and I’ll be sending out a notice to people who have already emailed or messaged me, but this site is your go-to location for information on buildings.

What’s the holdup?

Here’s a rundown of where the project stands:

Currently Done:

The new wall molds are set up and casting. They’re working out really well and the cast quality is looking good. The fact that the molds are all fairly new is a factor, but the reject rate has been my lowest yet – less than 5%! I spent most of last week casting and I’ve built up most of the initial stock to sell.

Working on:

I’m waiting on a new shipment of corner pieces which should be arriving in the next couple days. There’s a few elements that still need to be transferred over to the new mold form, such as landing pads and vents – the good news is I still have a stock of these left over from the Kickstarter.

I’m currently short on roof pieces of most sizes – I haven’t figured out a new, better way to cast the small and medium roofs so right now I’m using the older mold designs – they’re turning out fine right now but they’re not a permanent solution. The parapet roofs need to be transferred to the new mold form.


Some of the building patterns offered during the Kickstarter required redesigning from the 3D print stage, including the upper levels and the High Gothic style buildings. I’m still waiting on the new prints so rather than delay the whole project for them, all the other patterns will go on sale first and I’ll add the redesigned buildings to the store as soon as they’re ready.


Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading!



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