Still Alive

Posted: November 20, 2014 in News

Sorry, it’s been a bit of a… wasteland around here lately (puts on sunglasses).

The last couple months have been really busy, especially with the Kickstarter project, as well as personal stuff like school starting up. Cross-posting updates here was the easiest thing to leave behind, and I haven’t had time to work on anything else worth posting about. So here’s a quick recap of where things stand:

– The Kickstarter has unfortunately been running a bit behind schedule (which seems to be the way of such things) but production is nearly wrapped up. Shipping began last month and is now over 75% finished

– Production and shipping will (hopefully) be finished within the next two weeks.

– Once that’s done, I’ll have some breathing room over the winter break to reevaluate, work out any changes and begin producing product for regular sale. As I’ve mentioned before, soon after I will have an online store available here for anyone who’s looking for buildings

– The blog will still be here, and will return more to it’s original focus of my own weird hobby projects which I foolishly assume I will have tons of free time for

So for those out there still reading (I’m never sure how many of the visitors in the traffic counter are actually bots…), thanks for sticking with me! I’m confident that things are beginning to fall into place for the post-Kickstarter plan and at some point soon I’ll be able to pick up a paintbrush again.

Thanks for reading!


Big shoutout to all my robot viewers.


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