Production Update #8

Posted: August 14, 2014 in News
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Tired of hearing about little resin buildings yet? >:D

Just wrapped up another count and it looks like the numbers are a bit better than I expected. The new small molds for the pieces I’ve been short on have definitely helped. Here’s the new production figures:


I would have even more finished, but unfortunately I’ve been delayed by recent technical problems – one of my pressure pots began leaking. See if you can guess which one…my original El Cheapo hardware store one, or the shiny (and expensive) purpose-built one that I bought to last? Yeeeeaaaahh.

It started small, but it looks like the sealant around the air intake port had deteriorated. Over the last week it’s been out of commission while I’ve tried a few different fixes, without much luck. Finally yesterday I called the manufacturer and got their advice before I tried anything too drastic. I’ve replaced the entire fitting and slathered everything in thread sealant, and I think that should do the job. It should be back online as soon as the sealant has cured.

Even with that, progress seems solid. I’ve begun ironing out the last few details for packaging, so I’ll have another update soon with a peek at what will actually be landing in backer’s mailboxes.



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