Production Update #6

Posted: July 6, 2014 in News
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Production keeps trundling along. Since the last update, I’ve done a more thorough count of the completed pieces, and fortunately the number of buildings completed at that point was actually closer to 30%, rather than 20-25% (even that number is now a little out of date, because I’ve since cast more parts). The downside is, it looks like the roof pieces turn out less frequently than most of the others – since they’re the largest and thinnest pieces, any bubble on the bottom of the roof piece has a higher chance of damaging the finished surface on the other side of the mold.

The plan to offset the deficit of roof pieces is pretty straightforward – I’m laying out a couple new molds that will be just roofs. I can add these to the mold stack in each pressure pot, so I’ll be able to produce more roof pieces at the same time.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions for cutting the corner columns – I’ve upgraded my band saw setup and found a finer blade that makes much cleaner cuts. The first batch of columns looks promising so I’m moving ahead on full-scale cutting.

Lastly, I figured I should give you a look at some of the newer building designs, which up to this point have only been shown as renders. Since they’re all real-life objects now, I stuck together a few mock-ups out of the piles of finished pieces. Take a look and tell me what you think!


Gothic Tenements, with Upper Floor add-on


Medium Fortified Building


Small Industrial, plus the Smokestack Add-on


Tall Fortified, featuring the Parapet Roof


And Tall Corporate Tek, this time with Dome Roof

Thanks for reading!

  1. Stuart Climpson says:

    I was wondering if you are going to make these commercially available outside the Kickstarter as I missed the campaign.

    • Yes! It seems I’ve been getting this question quite often :)
      As soon as I’ve finished fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards I’ll start working on making them available to anyone else who wants them. Once it’s all set up you’ll be able to find my online store under this domain, so keep checking back here. You can bet I’ll be making an announcement as soon as more buildings are on sale.

  2. Stuart Climpson says:

    That’s great thanks for the reply. They look fantastic by the way.

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