Production Update #4

Posted: June 3, 2014 in News
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Now we’re getting somewhere…

As of a couple weeks ago, I was looking at a two-week delay in producing new master molds, as the studio Mike and I were using for vacuum degassing was temporarily unavailable (I mean really, who spends two weeks on honeymoon? Don’t they know what’s really important? Tiny buildings)

I had planned out getting my own degassing setup for after the campaign was wrapped up, but the delay (as well as finding a really good price on a vacuum chamber) caused me to alter my plans. The new vacuum chamber is already up and running, and we’ve cranked out a big pile of new molds in record time! Karl Marx was right, comrades – we have seized the means of production!

So with both pressure pots online and a sufficient number of molds, I’m pleased to report that full-scale production has now begun! I’ve been working out the most efficient system for casting, and last Wednesday I managed to crank out 72 buildings in one (long) session.


This box is about 2/3 of a day’s production

The damaged print I mentioned last time has been redone and is shipping now. I’ve just restocked my resin supplies, so the next few weeks should be a frenzy of tiny buildings. I’ll keep you posted with my progress / spiraling resin-based madness.



  1. Jake says:

    Hey Chris,

    I love these buildings, sadly I missed the kick starter. Seems like production is going well… Any idea on when these buildings might be available to non kick starter folks?

    • Thanks! It really depends on how fulfillment for the Kickstarter goes, but I’m aiming to have more buildings available hopefully by some time around September. I’ll announce more details once I have them.


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