Production Update #3

Posted: May 16, 2014 in News
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The work continues, and new supplies continue to arrive. Behold, the series of tubes:


This is the raw material for the corner columns – over 500 feet of it. It will be cut into the (approximately) 3,492 pieces needed for all the buildings (!)

Also arrived is a big pile of cardboard, for sending the rewards on their way:


And most exciting, here’s a look at my shiny new pressure pot for casting:


Mark I, and Mark II on the right.

And here’s a couple shots of what I’ve been working on most recently, including one of the first smokestack casts and a pile of new master molds.



Lastly, I’d like to keep you updated on parts of the project that aren’t proceeding quite as planned. Unfortunately, one of the 3D prints for the Tall High Gothic building that I received isn’t up to standards – there’s a small chip or misprinted area that I can’t really fix. I’ve requested a reprinted part, so that should be straightened out soon. Don’t worry – this shouldn’t impact the timeframe for delivery. I’ve still got lots of work to do in the meantime, so that particular pattern has just been bumped back a little in the casting schedule. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Thanks to all of you, and I’d love to hear any questions or comments you might have.



  1. SSB says:

    Hi Chris !
    I would have some questions for you about your molding technique…
    Would it be possible that you tell me some things on that matter ?
    (illustrated your answers with some photos would be an amazing thing :) )
    And congratulation for your fabulous work !

  2. Sorry I took so long for me to get back – what would you like to know? Can’t promise I have all the answers (still fairly new at this) but I’ll see what I can do.

  3. SSB says:

    Well, it seems you create your molds to the size of your casting pot (round).
    What do you use to create your mould shape ?
    Then, I am really interested in your process :
    Resin / Vacuum / Pour / Pressure ?
    How do you proceed ?

    • The production molds are round but I’m moving towards a new, square design that’s a bit smaller and more efficient. Creating the mold boxes is really simple – I just glue the master parts to a sheet of hardboard or MDF in the shape I want, and build a wall around the edges with cardboard sheet and duct tape. The silicone has to be vacuum degassed after mixing to eliminate bubbles.

      Once the mold is done, the casting process is pretty straightforward. I put each mold in the pot, pour resin and then stack the next mold on top. Then just seal the pot and pressurize it until the resin sets up. I have a big shelving unit to store new parts after they’re demolded until they have time to cure completely.

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