Production Update #1

Posted: April 20, 2014 in News
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My apologies for not posting an update sooner after the campaign finished, but as you might understand I was rather busy :D

I’ve decided to repost production updates from the campaign here, so that anyone interested who isn’t a backer can still find them easily (plus, this blog is supposed to be about the hobby-related stuff I’m up to, and I’d say this qualifies…)

So, here’s Production Update #1:

I’m happy to report that things are already moving ahead quickly. Uncle Mike has spent a productive couple days in the studio, churning out lots of new molds. This includes the individual part molds for some of the new parts you saw a few updates ago, as well as the first round of production-level molds for the first three building designs you saw featured in the Kickstarter.

All of the new molds have entered casting, and entirely on my own equipment – while there’s still equipment I need to cast at full speed (high-quality pressure pots are scarce in Canada), this confirms that the setup I have works and can be ramped up to produce buildings en masse.


This pile of parts is from just five production molds – less than the capacity of a single pot load! With lots more molds and another pressure pot, I should be able to crank out buildings at top speed.

Here’s the first couple of casts for the new parts (still in need of trimming, though), which will be used to lay out the production molds:


A sneak peek at the production molds themselves…


And in other news, I’ve received notice that the last batch of printed parts has been shipped. Once it arrives, the frenzy of moldmaking will continue.

Thanks for reading!



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