Posted: December 15, 2013 in News
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Well, it’s REAL anyway. What you see above is the first completed casts of my epic-scale buildings – designed, printed, molded, cast and now a real actual physical thing sitting on my desk! The molding and casting by Mike has come out fantastically, preserving all the detail (I can even just made out where I thought I could get away with a six-sided curve instead of a twelve-sided one…). I have more prints for the second “Industrial” style building that I’m working on cleaning and prepping, with a few new pieces that have already been handed off for molding. It’s fair to say I’m pretty excited about this project :D


Printed masters for the Industrial buildings, pre-cleanup

I’m planning on a couple different sizes of roofs (rooves??) to be cast up and mass-produced, but their volume is a bit greater and the details much simpler so I’m going to try sculpting those by hand out of plasticard. A little bit more work, but it should save some money for more important prints. In the meantime, the very first finished building is coming together:


Of course, the greatest advantage to the process I’m using is that the buildings will be much easier and cheaper to reproduce – so it stands to reason that I should see if others out there are looking for the same thing, and try to produce and sell these. I’ve been doing a whole bunch of research and math to figure out my plan, and it looks like I might be running a Kickstarter project (!) a couple months down the line. It shouldn’t take too much initial funding to set up some of my own casting equipment for more production, which would allow me to pay Mike for his molding expertise and use my own time (which is cheaper than his) for mass production. The idea has me excited and terrified in equal measure. So if you like what you’ve seen, take note – and let me know in the comments below if this is a project you might be interested in. As I make more progress and get closer to a potential launch date, this will be the first place you’ll hear more.

December is a crazy month even without a project like this (it certainly is at Sentry Box!) so this might be my last post until the new year. Thanks so much for bearing witness to my insanity, and I hope to bring you lots more modelling craziness in 2014.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Jonathan says:

    Looks amazing! I’m down for a bunch of these, either through KS, or here through you directly.

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