Afrika Korps Panzer III

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Flames of War
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You know when I said no more tiny Germans?

I lied.

But c’mon, tanks don’t count. Tanks are always cool! And certainly easier to paint than 15mm infantry (sorry, PBI).

Looking at our giant wall of Flames of War blisterpacks, I realized that there are tons of cool tanks and vehicles that I would love to collect and paint, but that I would never build a whole army featuring. So why not just collect the ones I like? This Panzer III is the first I’ve finished of my new “tiny tank museum”. The small scale means that it’s cheaper, quicker to paint and easier to store than collecting armor models in a more traditional “display” scale like 1/72 or 1/35, and since I don’t need to worry about painting up tank after tank to build a workable army I can take the time to add more detail than I normally would for FoW models. Take a look…


I say Flames of War but strictly speaking this model is from Plastic Soldier Company. All the PSC products I’ve tried have been excellent quality and fantastically priced, and I’d recommend them to anyone playing FoW.

I’ve tried out a couple techniques that either are new to me or that I haven’t used on a model like this – in particular the sponge-applied chipped paint and the use of a solvent-based pigment sealer (by MIG Productions). I’m quite pleased with both. The sealer does a much better job maintaining the color of the weathering pigments compared to my old method using Dullcote and will be my go-to solution in the future.


The exhaust manifolds were painted with two Vallejo Panzer Aces colors – Light and Dark Rust. While most Panzer Aces colors are too dark to use with models as small as 15mm, these two (along with a few others like Canvas) are great for all sorts of things in almost any scale.


I already have some more one-off Flames of War tanks awaiting paint, and have an extensive list in my head of more that I’d like to add. Forcing myself to wait until I have more done…wait, I just finished one! So that must mean I should buy another new one, right?


Thanks for reading!


  1. BradBurning says:

    Very nice paint job came up really nicely.

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