Quonset Huts Painted

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Terrain
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As promised, here’s a look at the finished Dust Tactics Quonset Huts. I think I’ve struck a good balance between ease of painting and how they look on the tabletop.



As mentioned in the Product Spotlight, there’s some marks along the edge of the roof that are worth removing. I just took my rectangular file and smoothed down the whole front and back edge of the roof piece. Besides some quick assembly with superglue, that was all the prep needed. First step for painting: a nice light coat of Krylon Grey Primer spray, inside and out.

I decided to follow Fantasy Flight’s example and add a camouflage pattern to help break up the simple lines of the hut.  This was accomplished with some simple masking. For a basecoat, I sprayed a layer of Battlefront’s British Armor spray over the entire roof section (Quick note: British Armor is currently unavailable from Battlefront, I just have a bunch of it kicking around – any green spray would work fine, or any other color you wanted for camo for that matter).

After that had dried thoroughly, the angular pattern was masked off by slicing strips of regular, household masking tape into triangles and other angled shapes, and overlapping them til I liked how it looked. Then I went back over the whole hut with another coat of Krylon Grey Primer.

After removing the masking tape to reveal my camo pattern, I started with some weathering on the green areas. I used a blister-pack sponge for most of the weathering – starting with some patches of GW Codex Grey over the green pattern for where the paint wore through.

The rust spots were also done entirely with sponge technique – starting with Vallejo Model Color Burnt Umber, and then with a lighter layer of Vallejo Game Color Dark Flesh. The last, little highlights on the rust were done (sparingly) with GW Blazing Orange, but I saved those til last after the wash and drybrush steps to make them stand out a bit more.

I slathered the whole building in Vallejo Sepia Wash, then quickly wiped off the surface with a paper towel. Straight out of the jar the Vallejo washes are a bit too viscous and tint the surface too much, but rubbing off the excess did a good job of just leaving it in the crevices and lines in the roof without changing the overall base color too much.

The highlights were drybrushed with Codex Grey with a little bit of Vallejo MC Sky Grey added (any lighter grey would have worked equally well, I just had it handy). I avoided the green areas and larger rust spots as best I could and focused on the panel lines and details around the doors and windows. The roof edge got a quick second drybrush with a bit more Sky Grey added. Sponge on the aforementioned Blazing Orange rust, hit it with a coat of Testors Dullcote, and it’s done!

I’m already started on the rest of the Quonset huts; I think I’ll add some stenciled numbers or other small details to some of them. Mike gave me a good idea to frost some blister-pack plastic with a bit of Dullcote and glue it inside for dirty window glass, so I might give that a try too. Pretty quickly I should have a full batch of these ready for my miniatures to move in.



Thanks for reading!


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