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Dem Bones

Posted: July 26, 2013 in News
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It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so where have I been hiding? At my painting desk (of course) working away on some new display stuff for Sentry Box. I’ve almost wrapped up the Flames of War Open Fire box – which did come out a while ago, but have you seen how much stuff is in there? Seriously, too many tiny Germans. Why can’t they just wear equipment that’s all the same color?

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures at the moment, as I’m carting everything off to the store as soon as I finish it (seeing as I don’t get paid til it’s done…). Once the whole thing is done I should have time to snap a few photos. In the meantime, you can of course check it all out in-store.

I’m also happy to finally receive a great big pile of new fantasy figures from Reaper’s massive Bones kickstarter. It’s been a bit of a wait (thanks UPS) but they’re looking pretty good – and of course the kickstarter bundle is a fantastic deal. If you missed out on the kickstarter, Sentry Box has you covered – as a retail backer, we should soon have massive selection of the new figures for you to get your grubby paws on.


Here I am, achieving miniatures Zen mastery

I was a bit skeptical of how the softer plastic used on the Bones figures would work out on some of the larger sculpts, but the results are actually quite impressive. Rather than warping more the plastic just comes out more solid.


Kaladrax and my friend Daenerys. I mean Lisa.

Now I just need to avoid distracting myself with all these shiny new minis and finish all these Germans

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3D Stuff: New Turret Renders

Posted: July 12, 2013 in News
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Here we have a brief overview of some of the new parts I’ve been working on. These turrets are designed to work with the hull from the Cruiser Light Tank from Dark Realm Miniatures (the hulls used in the render image are just mockups I slapped together). I may do a custom hull of my own later, but for now I’ve just done the turrets to represent the vehicles in the Epic Imperial Guard range I’d like to use.

Some of these will hopefully be suitable for casting – the artillery pieces for example are designed with the gun/rockets as separate pieces. Some I may just need to use the 3D-printed turrets directly (I have no idea how to cast the AA turret). Fortunately for many of these I would only need three to complete a unit so hopefully the per-unit cost will be relatively low.

On a related note, I’ve received the first prototype from Shapeways for my Main Battle Tank design! It’s pretty cool to see something that only existed digitally transformed in all its tiny tank glory. Unfortunately the model suffered from some technical issues on the printer’s side so the company is reprinting the design for me – hopefully once the new one arrives I’ll have some pictures for you. In the meantime, having this printed example has shown me a lot about how my designs translate to real objects and I’m already at work on an updated model. Some of the detail needs to be a bit bulkier in order to look ‘correct’ on a 6mm-scale miniature.

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