Work in Progress: Epic Refinery Terrain

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Epic: Armageddon, Terrain
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My most recent project: terrain for Epic! My plan is to theme most of my terrain collection around a refinery – it should work well with my Scorched Earth Zuzzy mat and really capture the whole giant-monstrous-industry-hiveworld vibe (even though the middle of a giant refinery would actually be a really dumb place to hold a war…)


So, lots of pipes and tanks and such. I’ve been looking at lots of photos of real refineries and there’s a few elements that stand out and should be easy enough to duplicate. Even here in Canada, it looks like most such facilities are rarely fully enclosed – there’s just an open steel framework that holds together all the machinery. And of course a huge maze of pipes, which I think I will 40k up a bit and have looking a bit less organized than in reality.


I’m going to be basing everything on these 80mm x 80mm squares (or multiples thereof). It looks about the same size as the old Forge World epic buildings which I’d like to emulate a bit, and I’m planning a road grid with matching dimensions so that everything can be moved around between games.

Something I need to work on is building the structures up tall and wide enough to give the larger epic models something to hide behind. Stay tuned for more soon.

And as always, thanks for reading!


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